Friday, June 29, 2012

And we are the UP2U band!

Anna, Izabella, Cecília, Ana Carolina, Bianca, Isabela and Lara


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hey guys,
you must be wondering what is the Glee Project, well, the Glee Project is an annual event that happens in our school. Is a very entertaining show where 9th grade students sing, dance and interact with the audience. Before the day of the show, the students have to choose a song, a name for the band, create a choreography and do a lot of rehearsals.
This is a veeeeeeeeeeery cool project because you can find your talents and creativity during the rehearsals, and  overcome your shyness at the show!
Certainly we have to work hard if we want to win, but is worth it because it's very cool and exciting!
So this is the Glee Project, and its UP2U guys!
Hey guys,
we are the UP2U band and we created this blog to interact with you about the Glee Project!